My Writing about being a Emperor Penguin

Today I turned into a Emperor Penguin. As an Emperor Penguin I just rolled in the snow with the other penguins. Things were good until a huge Polar Bear came. We didn’t know if he was here to cause trouble or not, turns out he was here to cause trouble. We started to get prepared to fight the huge Polar Bear. I was getting frozen ice while the other penguins were throwing big snowballs at the Polar Bear. After I got the frozen ice me and the penguins lifted the frozen ice and threw it at the huge polar bear.  It didn’t affect the polar bear, again we threw another huge ice at it and again it still affected the polar bear. Until we got an idea and instead of trying to hurt it we tried to become friends with the polar bear. The polar bear said “Ok let’s be friends”  We lived happily ever, The End.

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