Month: March 2023

Biography of a Famous New Zealander

Biography of a Famous New Zealander


At this point you will have researched different famous New Zealanders; now it is time to present the information you have gathered on ONE of these awesome Kiwis and you will be writing a couple of paragraphs about them.


“What is a biography?” I hear you ask – well “bio-” means life, and “-graphy” means to write, or present. A biography is a type of writing that tells the story of someone’s life. It’s like a history book about one person. Biographies usually include important events in the person’s life, like where and when they were born, where they grew up, and what they did that made them famous.


Using PEEL Paragraph structure I would like you to write a biography about a famous New Zealander of your choice.


Bronze: One Paragraph

Silver: Two Paragraphs

Gold: 3+ Paragraphs


Begin your writing here: Sir Edmund Hillary was a Explorer and Mountaineer 

And known for being on the NZ 5$ Note, Also known for being the first one to climb Mt Everest. Sir Edmund Percival Hillary was born on 20 July 1919 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Edmund became interested in exploring mountains, climbing mountains while

In secondary school. He decided he wanted to be a Explorer and Mountaineer,

He was very interested that he made his first major climb 

In 1939, reaching the summit of Mt Ollivier. 

He sadly later passed away due to heart attack at 11 January 2008

In an Auckland Hospital,

His ashes were later scattered around in the waters of

Auckland Hauraki Gulf.


This week I have been learning all about famous New Zealanders!

I decided to pick Sir Edmund Hillary and write some paragraphs and info about him.