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Wild Things – Making Connections

Task description: This week for reading we have been learning about our feelings and how these are linked to our emotions. One story that we read this week was called Wild Things by Renata Hopkins. While we were reading we were learning how to make connections with what we already know in order to understand the text in more detail. We had to think about what we knew about feelings and relate this to what we were reading. Above is my follow up task for the story Wild Things.

Let’s Vote on It!


Task description: This week for reading we have been learning to summarise the main ideas into our own words and finding the key ideas from what we have read. For this task we had to create a story web that shows the main characters, plot and setting of our play from the week. This play is about a King who can’t make descisions and they have to vote on what to do with the monster destorying the city. Check out my story web shown above.

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