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Helena PM Reader – Room 8 Literacy (Thor)

PM Reader Challenge – The Trip to Rocky Ridge

For this task you need to do some reading out loud.

You will record a video of yourself reading the first page of your PM Reader.
At the SAME TIME you will use the Voice Typing feature on this Google Doc.

This will give you an opportunity to hear how you read, and to see how accurate your pronunciation is.

Start your Voice Typing here: The trip to Rocky Ridge I love going to visit Aunt Bonnie. Rocky Ridge said Ruby but the train trip is so boring. and we have to leave so early added her 10 year old twin brother Nate. outside the sky was dark except for a smudge of Pale Don light. Ruby gave a noisy on as she packed her every night back. neon to and then let out the twins and dated even yawning! however you need to be at the station in 10 minutes. quickly she pushed a library book into followed by a sketch pad and I say of little pins for stop I hope these will stop me from getting bored she told me the side it was such a long old journey to Rocky Ridge.

Attach the Google Drive link to your video here;


Once you have finished reading the text, answer these questions;

Why did the twins say the trip to Rocky Ridge was dull and boring?
Because they have to sit for the whole train ride.

Why did Ruby make up the rhyme?
Because the five stations before they get to Rocky Ridge rhymes and to past the time.

What would have lived in a salt lake millions of years ago?
Probably dinosaurs and lots of extinct animals.

Why would train drivers have to be careful in dust storms?
Because the windows might get covered in dust making the train drivers can’t see.

Why would a cow have wandered onto the rail track?
Because of the dust storm, The cow was probably in the farm and then the wind unlocked the gate making the cow can’t see and making it wander onto the rail track.

  • How did Aunt Bonnie know when the train would be arriving

Because Clare told the twins what time they would arrive and then Nate rang Aunt Bonnie and told her what happened.

Helena Endurance – Response to Text (T4 W3)

Kia Ora Everyone, this is my response to text about the Endurance!
some of you might ask what is the Endurance?
well, the Endurance is a famous shipwreck owned by famous explorer Ernest Shackleton.
Ernest led an expedition along with his crew to Antarctica. However, they did not make it.
But they reached an area where no one has been before.
Anyways I hope you enjoy reading my work.
Feel free to leave a positive comment on my blog. 🙂

My Photopea GIF for literacy

Malo E Lelei, this is my photopea gif for literacy.
How I made it: So, I drew it on photopea separately and then took screenshots of it, after that I used a GIF converter and inserted the screenshots into it. (GIF converter is where you can insert videos or images to make it a GIF)