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How to make an smoothie that i prefer drinking!!

How to make a smoothie i prefer drinking :

Before we make it if you do not know how to use an blender please grab and ask  a adult or someone who knows how to use a blender. These are the ingredients that we need: Dragonfruit, Mangoes, Blueberries, Bananas, and Water.

You are very welcome to use frozen fruits but however you  need the dragonfruits and the mangoes from the tropical pack and the blueberries from the berries pack. You can get bananas from the fruit shop near maccas or maybe from the dairy in G.I. 1st Grab any blender that you have and wash it, While you have the ingredients maybe wait for it to defrost for 5 mins or 10 mins. if its already defrosted you can chop it to little pieces (optional) 2nd put the fruits in the blender and add some water inside it. And now its time for the fun part! then blend it maybe like until it gets watery 

After blending it pour it into a cup and then drink! you can add some ice cubes in it if your not using frozen fruits but its optional! Question of the day: Have you ever heard of tank before? if you have whats your favorite smoothie mine is the Mango Tank!