Month: June 2022

Going to MOTAT with Rm 7 and Rm 8

INTRODUCTION: On Monday   i was lucky enough to go to MOTAT for the people who do not know what MOTAT is it stands for Museum Of Transport and Technology. I went with Rm 7 and Rm 8, 6 People were chosen from Rm 10 (which is my class) had to go with rm 7 and rm 8 to MOTAT. Me and my classmates went next door to rm 7 and 8 because we were chosen to go to MOTAT.

After the short assembly we all make sure if we all had our lunches and water bottles. After making sure our bus arrived. We got on the bus and then sat down, I was sitting by myself so it was kinda boring for me.  After a hour we got off the bus and we finally arrived to MOTAT.

MIDDLE: We got in the gates and we met a few people named Grace, Justin, Amber, Natalie, and Pat. Grace was basically kinda like our teacher for a day and Justin, Amber, Natalie, and Pat was Kid helpers.

First Grace took us to our meeting spot and we had a morning tea and a drink break. After eating and drinking Rm 7 and Rm 8 splitted up because they had to go to different places. Me and my classmates were picked to go with Rm 7.

Second Grace again took us to a place where it was peaceful and quiet. We saw some robots and laptops so we were clueless. Just until Grace told us that we were gonna code some robots and have robot battles, then she said after we code them we can customize them with some legos. Time passed and she finished explaining, then we had to find a partner and i ended up pairing up with my classmate called Paege. We agreed that she will do half of the coding and i do half as well.

Third we finally all finished the coding and it was time for customizing the robots and then Battle Time. Me and paege customized it and it looked like a crab so we decided to name it Crab-Zilla. We lost only 1 battle and won 1 battle sadly.

ENDING: After that we had to pack up because it was time for us to move on to exploring MOTAT. We went to this place and had games like pulling yourself up and there were slides and heaps of other things. I went on the slide and i almost fell off the slide pretty funny right haha.

Fourth we got out of the mini game station we went to this other station and we saw very old stuff like old phones and old cars. Me and my classmates tested the phones to see if it still worked and i was surprised because it still worked.

We did lots of things like going on a train ride and going to multiple stations also thank you MOTAT staff  and teachers for making this happen. I forgot to say this also we splitted up into groups and i was with Ms Lagitupu it was only just the 7 of us.



Matariki Day!

Today was matariki day, First we went to assembly and sat down under Te Kapua. After the assembly we all went back to class.  Room 9&10 sat down on the mat while Ms Parrant was calling our names  and classes that we were gonna go to. I had to go to Room 8 which is Mr Hughes.  Me and my friend’s put our bag away and sat down. Then we heard that we were about to do a challenge called “The Egg Drop” Mr Hughes showed us a video. The video was made by Mark rober, Egg drop is a challenge where you can have any number of people in the challenge. So you have to build something to protect the egg from cracking and breaking. So thats what Mark rober did. He built multiple stuff to protect the egg from cracking.

After watching the video we got up and went to our desks. Mr Hughes gave us some materials for us to build our thing to protect the egg. He gave us 2  Eggs, Plastic cups, Thread, Glue, Scissors, Streams, Balloons, and pencils with papers. We drew some designs and planned how we were gonna do our contraption. After planning and drawing it was morning tea.

After morning tea  it was building time, It was just the 4 of us so it was me, Flynn, Pesi, and Michael.  We were building our contraption. It took heaps of time for us to build , Flynn was taping the cup, Pesi was blowing the balloons, Michael was holding the cup while Flynn was taping it.


And i was giving good ideas to them,  After a loong time we all finally finished our contraption. We went outside before we did the drop challenge. Now it was the drop challenge where we drop it and pray it survives the fall. First round Mr Hughes went easy on us,  First up was Team 1 which was Piripi, Ponyamon, Tihone, and Toran.

They gave their contraption to Mr Hughes and we did a countdown from 5. 5 4 3 2 1 Boom It quite made some noise But it luckily survived. Team 2 Which is Baylee, Jayda, and Aliana.  They gave the contraption and we did a countdown again. 5 4 3 2 1 BOOM! it made a loud noise that it sounded like it cracked. But they were very lucky and theirs survived. Team 3 Which is Me Pesi, Michael, and Flynn. We gave it and did the countdown. 5 4 3 2 1 KABOOM! Me and pesi prayed that our one survived because our one wasent very that good. Our prayers has been answered and it survived. Last but not least Team 4 which is Eleni, Tumoe, Taisha, Maddie, and this other girl .

( i didnt know her name so dont mock please)  They gave  it and did the countdown 5 4 3 2 1 BOOOOM! I thought it was cracked until Mr Hughes checked and they were luckier than us. After all of the fun stuff we did we got some treats which was lolipops, and it was very fun and cool. (oh and thanks to Mr Hughes for buying the materials)

The video will be there soon!