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Helena 200 Word Challenge – Pacing (T4W1)

200 Word Challenge

For this week’s 200 Word Challenge your job is to use a variety of sentence types in order to affect the pacing (how fast or slow the story moves).

Short, choppy sentences increase the pace.
Longer, more detailed sentences slow down the pace.

Using what you have learned about Ernest Shackleton, and his crew’s failed expedition to Antarctica write a recount of their dramatic journey.

Remember! This week we have been learning about chronological order. Make sure you get the sequence of events in the right order.

Begin your writing here: It all started in 1914, Ernest Shackleton and his crew went on a expedition to Antarctica, they set sail on a shipwreck called “The Endurance”. As they were aiming to reach Antarctica their ship became trapped in the Weddell Sea.

Unfortunately, in October 1915 they were forced to abandon their shipwreck and set up a camp on the ice. They embarked on a journey dragging their lifeboats across the ice. Months went by, and in April 1916 they reached Elephant Island, a remote place. Shackleton realized that they needed help, so he and a crew set out in James Caird, a lifeboat.

Navigating through stormy and icy conditions they had finally reached South Georgia Island in May 1916; however, their journey was not over yet. Shackleton and others had to rescue their stranded crewmates.

After a long 800-mile expedition Shackleton had successfully rescued all his crewmates from Elephant Island in August 1916. Luckily not a single life was lost, they did not reach their goal but at least they reached pretty far. When everyone heard about the story Ernest Shackleton immediately became a popular writer and speaker telling everyone his experiences. Their story of endurance, leadership, and survival has become legendary.

Immersion Assembly Recount Writing

Today on a beautiful morning, Me and my class lined up outside filled with excitement ready to walk to the immersion assembly. When we arrived at the immersion assembly we saw this HUGE! square shaped tub filled with bunch of dirty water. We could also see water dripping from the roof where the stage was. Apparently there was leaks in the school building! but luckily most of it was fixed. Then we see Mrs Nua walking towards the stage filled with rage! She tells off Mr Burt about how the roof is leaking, then Mr Sommerville comes to the rescue! with a hose. He quickly walks to the stage and puts the hose in the tub, He tells Mr Jacobsen to hold the hose in the tub. He walks with Mr Burt outside to put the other side of the hose on the tap, He turned on the hose but it was just adding more water inside. So they somehow reversed it and it stopped leaking and the water slowly went down.

After that it was time to watch the Team 1 movie. It was about Ms Shirleys dog named Max. Max is very naughty that even the next door neighbours are tired of him. Then Ms Shirley found a solution! she found the dog patrol number and called it. The dog patrol people picked up and tried to help Ms Shirley.
They finally found the solution to it and built a fence so the dog wouldnt escape.

Team 2’s movie was about the teachers becoming superheroes and designing some new outdoor space. At first the teachers were eating morning tea and talking about superheroes. Then Ms Squires comes along and shows them her design of what would the superheroes look like.

Team 3’s movie was really creative in my opinion along with Team 1’s movie. Team 3’s movie was about stone age which was really long ago. They also showed us how they commnicate back in day and they showed us how they dressed back in the day. They used animal skin for the shoes and Loin cloths stitched-together for the clothes.

Team 4’s movie was about thinking of making a design. They came early to school and didnt know where to put their bags so they put their bags on the ground. So Maggie thought of a design. They gave John all the sports balls on him but there was no space so John thought of a design.

Team 5 performed a awesome performance, they were all dressed like Bob The Builder and singing. The songs they sang were funny especially when Mr Wiseman called out Mr Morans receding hairline!

Mr Jacobsen also showed us some unique instruments.

I felt very happy being back at school.

My recount

Start writing here: It was morning So i was at my house getting ready to go to my cousins house, and it was pouring rain, We were gonna go there because it was my nenas 68th birthday 

We went to the warehouse to get a gift for her because we cant go empty handed to the house. After picking some stuff for her You will have to guess what we got for her. 

Choice A: We  got her Perfumes, Chocolates, Flowers, and a Cake.


Choice B: We didn’t get her anything, we just took her to a place to go eat.


Choice C: We got her clothes a fancy hat and clothes.


If you chose Choice A yes you are correct, If you chose choice b and c sorry but You got it wrong but at least you tried so good job, After the birthday we just chilled and sang happy birthday.