My Creative Writing

 A little girl called Bella really liked books but people called her a bookworm, it all started when bella liked books. she used to hate reading books but she gave it a try. When she finished reading a book she really liked books. She asked her parents if she can get more books but her parents said no and said “ Stop reading books it’s bad for you” she ignored them and left the room. She told her brother about it and her brother called her a bookworm. When she went to school everybody called her a bookworm. Its because her brother told everyone that she likes books. She started trying other subjects like maths or writing but it was tricky for her. She decided to walk in the forest, after walking around the forest she found this potion that said Do Not Drink. She took the potion bottle home. She didn’t  know what to do with it. “ What if you drink it, maybe it will take me to a different world” She thought.  She took a tiny sip of it but nothing happened, Again she took a little sip then she started disappearing. She teleported to a world called Book World. Bella started exploring the world and saw tons of books! Bella said “ Wow it’s like i’m  living in a dream” Bella started reading books and said “Finally some peace” The end.

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