Day: May 4, 2022

My Creative Writing!

Today i heard about this challenge, the challenge was to defeat darth vader. at first i thought it was easy to defeat him but until i heard you had to fight with light sabers, i didnt know how to use a light saber or turn it on and off. I forgot my cousin owns one so i decided  to go to my cousins’s place so she can train me and teach me how to use a Light saber. After training i went back to my place and slept. Also the challenge was held in Space. The next day i woke up and brushed my teeth, showered then changed. i went to the airport and booked a flight to space. after a 5 hour flight i finally got into space. but i didnt know where was the challenge in space. i decided to go look every spaceship until i found the location where the challenge was held. i got in and watched the battle, after  the guy it was my turn. there were 3 rounds. The 1st round it wasent so bad. i kept dodging him and hitting him. The 1st round i won. The 2nd round things were going down for me because he was faster. sadly i lost the 2nd round. The final round. In the final round i kept dodging and jumping while he kept hitting me. Then i won the round and decided to go home.