200 Word Challenge – Chronological Order (T4W1)

200 Word Challenge

The 200 Word Challenge is an opportunity to practice writing using just the right words. 200 Words might sound like a lot, but once you get going you’ll find yourself crossing that line easily, so be careful to only say what you NEED to.
(This whole thing is over 100 words already)

For Week One your challenge is to write a 200 word recount of a time you…

Tasted the best food you’ve ever tasted.

Remember! This week we have been learning about chronological order. Make sure you get the sequence of events in the right order.

Begin your writing here: Months ago I went to this buffet with my family in Bankstown, Australia. We were standing in line for ages, We finally got called out and went to our table.

I got a plate and picked spring rolls, pasta, steak and a bunch of more random food. I sat down and began eating. I ate some pasta first and it was delicious, especially with the alfredo sauce.

Second, I tried some of the steak, it was yum and juicy. After that I finally tried the spring rolls as I chewed down the spring rolls CRUNCH! I heard, it was so crispy and crunchy that I heard a sound. It was so scrumptious that I got more spring rolls! The spring rolls were warm, crispy, crunchy, and there were vegetables in it.

For dessert I saw this HUGE! chocolate fountain with chocolate drizzling down everywhere, I grabbed a skewer and stuck a marshmallow on it. I put my marshmallow on the chocolate fountain and put my marshmallow on the chocolate fountain and sprinkled it with chocolate sprinkles. I bit into it and it was absolutely AMAZING! The chocolate sprinkles made it even better.

I felt pleased and satisifed by the good food.

2 thoughts on “200 Word Challenge – Chronological Order (T4W1)

  1. Hey Helena,

    There’s not many things I love in this world more than a good spring roll. This is really well done; you’ve used some really good language that shows chronological order and great descriptive vocabulary. Your sentences and paragraphs are well constructed, also.

    One thing to work on for next time is to read it back, and make sure you aren’t repeating yourself too often – there’s a couple times you’ve said the same thing twice.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Mr Hughes.
      Sorry for the late reply,Thank you for the advice and the comment. I will try not to repeat myself next time.

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