Year: 2022

My Writing

Today was very crazy because I saw these people trying to go to school but I saw this huge crocodile coming towards them. I threw this rock at the crocodile then it came towards me instead. I threw an even bigger rock at it and it was still not dead. Instead of throwing things at it I decided to leave it alone instead.  I ran to the other side  and saved the people, and they thanked me.

About Me | Ko Wai Ahau

Hi My name is Helena, I am a year 5 and my teacher is Miss Parrant. I am full Tongan. My favourite food is KFC and my favourite sports are Netball, Volleyball, and Basketball. My favourite thing to do is spend time with my parents. My favourite author is Sarwat Chadda. I have no pet but my dream pet is a dog. My favourite colour’s are gold, silver and black. My favourite movie is Encanto.  I Hope you leave a positive comment down below.


My Story

Task descripton: Today we had to create a story about Lawrence who had crashed his plane. Check out my story below: 

Once upon a time a man called Lawrence was flying a helicopter, he was professional at flying Helicopters, Aircrafts, and Planes. Things were going good until he was on his phone which was making him get distracted. BOOM! The helicopter crashed. He woke up in the middle of nowhere. He yelled HELP! No response. Again he yelled HELP! Still no response. He was about to give up until someone heard him. The mysterious person decided to go and check. Turns out it was his friend that found him. His friend helped him up and took him to the hospital, The End.

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