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My years at PES! (Happy Holidays and stay safe)

Hi im Helena!  and i have been in Point England School for almost 5 years, I am gonna cry a water fountain when i graduate from this school. I really love this school because the staff is really kind and awesome. I really pray that i dont move to a different school because that means i have to  start all over again!

I have made new and kind friends this year, my goal is to improve my maths because i’m bad at maths but maybe one day i will get better at it haha!

I’m not moving or that i’m just doing a final blog post for the term and talking about my years at P.ES I want to say thank you to all the teachers and the support staff for everything, HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND STAY SAFE! 🙂

Let’s Vote on It!


Task description: This week for reading we have been learning to summarise the main ideas into our own words and finding the key ideas from what we have read. For this task we had to create a story web that shows the main characters, plot and setting of our play from the week. This play is about a King who can’t make descisions and they have to vote on what to do with the monster destorying the city. Check out my story web shown above.

My recount

Start writing here: It was morning So i was at my house getting ready to go to my cousins house, and it was pouring rain, We were gonna go there because it was my nenas 68th birthday 

We went to the warehouse to get a gift for her because we cant go empty handed to the house. After picking some stuff for her You will have to guess what we got for her. 

Choice A: We  got her Perfumes, Chocolates, Flowers, and a Cake.


Choice B: We didn’t get her anything, we just took her to a place to go eat.


Choice C: We got her clothes a fancy hat and clothes.


If you chose Choice A yes you are correct, If you chose choice b and c sorry but You got it wrong but at least you tried so good job, After the birthday we just chilled and sang happy birthday.