My time in the water recount

It all started when me and my family went to the beach for a family reunion. First I woke up and brushed my teeth like normal. I woke up my parents and my brother. After getting dressed we went to my cousin’s house and decided to meet up at the beach. After driving we finally arrived at the beach. I saw my cousin’s family there waiting for us.  My brother went with my uncle to get some drinks while my aunty and my mum went to the shops for food. It was just me and my cousins and my 2nd  aunty. While waiting  we  played  volleyball with my cousins and my aunty. My brother and my uncle got back from the shops. We had to wait for my mum and aunty to come back. After they got back from the shops. Then we started eating. If we finished our food we could play in the water but we had to go somewhere where everyone could see us just in case. After playing everybody started packing up and went home.

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